Sovereignty sans Democracy


‘It should be our aim not only to remove want and fear of all types, but secure Liberty,Fraternity and Equality as enjoined by Islam.’–Quaid-e-Azam (25th,Aug. 1947)

Liberty! Fraternity! Equality!……….Still a dream! Not surprising,considering dogma of a seditious nature is all pervading. Bigotry is being revered as the path to heaven, sapping our creative ability and stifling our intellectual capacity.The emphasis on religious rituals devoid of spiritual or conscience awakening values,ethics and morals is purveyed as a passport to heaven in the world hereafter.The malaise that we suffer from is pushing us into periphery of disaster, of internal dissension and anarchy,to the delight of our foe biding time to balkanise Pakistan into malleable entities propped by puppet regimes.The ‘democracy’ foisted on Indian Occupied Kashmir may become our fate.To preserve sovereignty,unity is imperative.But unity is achieved in a nation which creates a sense of identity and participation for all its citizens.In the…

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